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My books are available through all the usual retailers, but life's best when you support your local bookshop.

This is a selection of my work from over the years, beginning with some of the most recent publications.

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2022 (History Press)

The story of Dolphin Square and its people, an ever-evolving cast of larger-than- life characters who have borne witness to, and played pivotal roles in, some of the most scandalous episodes of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. From Oswald Mosley and the Carry On gang to allegations of systematic sexual abuse, it is a saga replete with mysterious deaths, exploitation, espionage, illicit love affairs and glamour, shining a light on the changing nature of British politics and society in the modern age.


2020 (History Press)

The true story of the relationship between Conservative peer, Lord Boothby, and the Kray twins, and the Establishment cover-up it prompted.


How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

2020 (Michael O'Mara Books)

The 11th in the best-selling 'How To Think Like...' series. Other subjects include Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Sigmund Freud, Winston Churchill, Sherlock Holmes, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Barack Obama and Leonard da Vinci.

Royal Quiz Book.jpg

2020 (Quercus)

put your regal knowledge to the test with this fun and fascinating collection of quizzes.


2018 (Michael O'Mara Books)

The tale of a true-life murder trial in 1894, featuring the two doctors upon whom Sir Arthur Conan Doyle based his famous creation.


Sherlock Unlocked

Looks behind what you think you know about the well-known sleuth and reveals little-known facts of which every Sherlock aficionado should be aware. From the eccentric and odd characters to the bizarre plot twists, and from Conan Doyle to Moriarty, this book will appeal to Holmes' fans old and new.

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2018 (Michael O'Mara Books)

A quiz book with a fiendish difference, where each question in each quiz requires more answers than the last. One of several quiz and educational books written by Dan, including Think You Know It All and The Little Book of Big Ideas.

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2017 (Quercus)

From suspicious deaths and disappearances to enigmatic identities, from Cold War cover-ups to puzzling paranormal phenomena and from ancient artefacts to coded documents, 100 Things They Don’t Want You to Know takes you on a quest to solve the greatest mysteries, strange disappearances, suspicious cover-ups and conspiracy theories.
Also available in the internationally best-selling series: 100 Places You Will Never Visit; 100 Things You Will Never Do; 100 Things You Wil Never Find.


2011 (Aurum Press)

The Story of World War Two's 'Dig for Victory' Campaign.

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